22.10 ERA NEW HORIZONS FESTIVAL accredited by FIAPF 27.07 Lorna’s Silence as a nice ending of the 8th IFF Era New Horizons 23.07 Promotional meeting on the collection of poetry Miód by Tonino Guerra

Over 460 long and short-length films, over 100 opening titles, approximately 650 screenings in 13 cinema auditoriums.
The 8. International Film Festival ERA NEW HORIZONS in Wrocław from July 17 to 27, 2008. About the programme


GRAND PRIX was awarded by the audience of the 8th IFF ERA NEW HORIZONS to the film Rain of the Children, dir. Vincent Ward.

First prize in NEW POLISH FILM COMPETITION awarded to the film The Goldfish, dir. Tomasz Wolski.

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